'Every day presents a different challenge'

Janny Chen, Account Manager

Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF)! That’s something you’ll often hear people say when they can’t wait for the weekend because the working week has been so drawn out. But you won’t hear it from Royal Avebe employee Janny Chen. ‘Every day presents a different challenge. Avebe is a very innovative employer. I love being able to make my contribution.’

Janny Chen has a legal background and graduated in Constitutional and Administrative Law and Food Safety Law and started at Avebe as Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs officer. Now, three years later, Janny is Account Manager within Sales. Avebe was unknown to Janny at first. ‘I was contacted about a position and didn’t yet know Avebe. My roots are in the north of the country, but without any connections with the agricultural sector. It was all new to me. But the first job looked like a perfect match with my studies, so I decided to take the step. I haven’t regretted it for a moment.’