About Royal Avebe

The potato seems such an everyday crop, but in fact it's one of nature's special gifts. And the employees of Royal Avebe are able to unpack this gift like no other. And with the best results: over the past 100 years, Avebe has grown into a worldwide market leader in the field of potato starch and potato protein. And we're far from finished growing. To us, the potato is a source of possibilities with even more ingredients to which we can add value. Thanks to our colleagues, we work on this every day, too.

Royal Avebe is an innovative cooperative. We are constantly alert to current global trends. This enables us to respond effectively to the wishes of our customers and society with innovative products and technologies. To give one example, we are now well on the way to becoming an important player in the Good Food industry. The innovation process has never stopped since its inception. And that’s just how we want it. Because innovation is fun. And it's in our nature. Our pay-off 'innovation by nature’ is not without reason.

Royal Avebe awarded the title 'World-class Workplace' 2020
Effectory organised an employee satisfaction survey on behalf of Royal Avebe in September. This survey – which was conducted entirely online – showed that Avebe employees gave us a very high rating as an employer. This has led to our being awarded the title 'World-class Workplace 2020'

How is the quality mark earned?
The decision to award a World-class Workplace quality mark is based on how employees rate the organisation on its employment practice. The score on employment practice must be higher than the Dutch average. If that is the case, the organisation can use the quality mark for one year. Avebe scored 7.8/10 against an average of 7.2. 

Working in the North of the Netherlands
Looking for a job in Netherlands? Then you've come to the right place at Royal Avebe. Since 2018, all of our innovative products have been conceived and developed at our Innovation Center in Groningen. Our production facilities, on the other hand, have been located in Foxhol, Ter Apelkanaal and Gasselternijveen for many years. And all this is managed and supported from our headquarters in Veendam. Although we have plenty of jobs in the North of the Netherlands, Avebe goes beyond the borders. Much further. With production sites in Germany, Sweden and Turkey and sales offices spread all over the world, Avebe is a truly international employer. But with a down-to-earth mentality.